11_05 16 Housing For Studients

Quarcs_fromentel_02Team: Atelier RVL, Fred Guillaud, Mario Perez
Client: private
Place: Tours, France
Surface: 300 m2 refurbishment + 215 m2
Budget: 630.000 €
Delivery: MAY 2012

Quarcs_fromentel_01This project is divided in 2 parts: in one hand the refurbishment of a “bourgeoise” house into 9 apartments for students and on the other hand a contemporary volume, hanged  on a blind wall, containing 7 small housings for the rent. The initial program was foreseeing between 10 and 12 units. The parasitic constructions placed in court are destroyed in order to construct a new building more functional that contains 7 apartments of 20 m2. A subtle relation is established between the architecture of the 19th century and a contemporary architecture that develops in different levels. In order to value the “bourgeoise” house, 7 new housings colonize the blind wall, transforming it in a new urban front towards Franklin Roosevelt and in an abstract bottom that underlines the silhouette of the house.

The difference between the levels and the distribution of the housings turns out into a sculptural volume covered with wooden clad. This volume floats on a mineral base that we use as a transition towards the backyard. The access from the street remains opened and it will be used as parking for cars and bicycles. Some semi-levels are creating a public/intimate relation between the students and also encourage the appropriation and the management of the common spaces by the young tenants and they will generate fewer maintenance costs for the land layer.






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C:Documents and Settingsfred guillaudMis documentosMy Dropbo