10_31 The CNM HeadQuarter

DESIGN TEAM: Bruno Louzada, Fred Guillaud, Mario Perez
SURFACE: 4999.00  m²

CNM_cam05_lowThe municipality is the smallest political and administrative entity. Each city represents a particle, a link in a chain that is represented by the National Confederation of Municipalities. The CNM is the place where the municipalities have an equal footing. In the same way that Brasilia is a symbol for Brazil, the headquarters of the CNM should symbolize the unity of the country, and this symbol will be embodied in a building capable of generating such an image.

The project represents the union of separate political units. Symbolize the unity and equality while respecting the uniqueness of each of its representatives. Respecting differences, expressed through color shifts, the unit value of an institution that aims to represent the common interests: the plurality of identity as strength…

Feathers, functionality and concept of identity: the facade of the building is a volatile skin that protects and surrounds the concrete volume like the feathers of a bird. Colorful and fragmented it works as a sun protection, symbolizing the 5542 municipalities that constitute the country. Each sheet bears the name of a municipality and will be represented abstractly from its surface (width), population (depth) and density (color). All the sheets (feather) is a natural result and is prepared according to their alphabetical order, combined with the solar diagram of the place.

3 outdoor spaces articulate the project: an institutional place, a lush courtyard acting as natural air conditioning and an open air terrace. These 3 areas differentiate and characterize the different work areas organized around them. The ground floor regroups the public functions like the auditorium (with separate access), the modular rooms, meeting rooms and the library as well as the reception and the cafeteria. In the levels 1 and 2 we can find the offices and the advisory services, technical and administration areas. On the back of the building, besides the presidency, are the rest areas for the personnel and it are related to the outdoor terrace which can also function as outdoor auditorium.





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